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  • PHP 5.6
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  • Mobile First Design

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  • inDesign
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Modélisation 3D

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    • After Effect (post-prod)
  • WebGL

  • Unity 3D


Download my resume PDF - 250Ko

Portfolio BETA 2019


Indie developer
Webdesigner freelance

My atypical route allowed me to maintain and sharpen my intuition , my creativity and imagination

My route ↓

Degree in Geography

Degree @ Paris IV - Paris Sorbonne in Geography + Certificate in Quebec.

2009 - 2011
Certificate in Geography (UQAM)

Student exchange @ UQAM (Montréal, Canada) with an urban planning project in San Francisco (urbanism course)

2011 - 2012
Touche 'S' du clavier pour afficher le volet
Master in Geography

First year of Master @ Paris IV, specialized en Culture, Politics et Heritage

2012 - 2013
I•D•E•A• Program

Program centered on entreprenership, innovation and design, supported by EMLYON & Centrale Lyon

2013 - 2015

Creation and developement of the entreprenerial association of EMLYON

2015 - 2016
CAPSA Container

Internship entrepreneurial @ CAPSA Container
Developement of an emergency hosting in container


Freelance - Indie Webdesigner
Designing of MVP for launching startup.

2015 -
Degree in Geography

Geographic route took me on a broad thematic horizon: hydrology, watershed studies, litho-stratigraphy, demography, geopolitics, urban planning etc. I quickly turned to cultural Geography - rather than physical geography.

During my degree, I introduced me to webdesign & graphism, that I have learnt and developed on my own, in parallel of my courses.
3D modeling with Blender has completed my graphic creations.

modélisation 3D
Projet 1912

As part of a cartography course , I was initiated in vector drawing; I distinctly refined later (during I•D•E•A• Program).

Certificate in Geography

I validated my third year in exchange degree @ UQAM, Montréal, Canada. This year in North America was an opportunity to address the geography differently road trip aux USA

I took an urban planning course at Montreal: this team project (we were 6) was to propose a new urban planning of the SoMa - a district of San Francisco; the course included a one-week internship on site, including meetings with local stakeholders. The we crossed the United States by car to go there and discover California.

San Fransisco
Crédit photo : Kathryn • Flickr - licence libre

In addition to the deliverables required throughout the semester, we presented our work before a jury, including stakeholders of the town council of Montreal and an architect's studio.

Master in Geography

After my degree (validated in Canada), I continued my geographic studies, with a Master specilized in Culture, Politics and Heritage.

During this first year, I prepared a dissertation on urban reappropriation through sport, it means how residents and private actors take on the city and public space, throught sport activities (like parkour, street workout, crossgolf, longboard, geocaches, slack line, basejump, wingsuit etc.).

I•D•E•A• Program

The program revolves around 4 main topics: social sciences, art, engineering science and entreprenership.
The first year includes:

Installation pour les Lumières 2014 Face à la vallée de Lingshed

The second year is centered on entreprenership, with a business creation project and a 7-months entreprenerial internship.

Projet de Création d'Activité sur un concept de malette adapté aux travailleurs nomades Panchaïa, a briefcase for nomadic workers

See the case below

The association SmartUP aims to promote and develop entrepreneurship - to make it accessible to the greatest number. This associative experience was full of ambition from the beginning: we worked a lot to quickly develop partnership within the campus ecosystem while providing a very strong identity - future-ready.

identité visuelle de SmartUP

The achievements of the association in the first year :

  • Design of the visual and graphic identity of SmartUP,
  • Co-organization of the TEDxEMLYON (in partnership with FORUM association),
  • Organization of the first Startup Weekend @ EMLYON and the first Woman Edition in France,
  • Organization of "apéros-pitch" to develop an entrepreneurial breeding ground and unite a community,

I design the graphical identity and all the visual universe that define the association - recorded in a specific document : the SmartUP Design Notebook.

identité visuelle de SmartUP

Internship @ CAPSA Container

My mission was to imagine and develop a temporary hosting in container. Firstly, it was set to emergency, the project had swung to student housing
My tasks were:

  • Head of project on developing the housing
  • Technology monitoring, documentation and meetings of stakeholders about hosting urgency,
  • Universal conception : housing has been designed Disability Access Persons,
  • Work on the thermal resistance(RT 2012 and RT2020)and fire stability (EUROCLASSES),
  • Market research, brand platform and Business Plan,
  • Business development,

Capsa Container

As part of the course, I wrote a dissertation on my internship experience at CAPSA. I expanded the problem:
How does innovation impact the values ​​and identity of industrial P.M.E. ?

Mémoire de fin d'étude

Indie Webdesigner

Now, I am an indie webdesigner, and I develop websites, tying to keep relevant message for the customer and provide memorable experiences for visitors. I continue to hone my skills in mastering all the links of the creative chain: graphic identity, graphical charter, User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX), server programming, and database architecture.

I work through this site (still in development) to offer a navigation experience that looks like me, with easter eggs and surprises for the most curious of you ;). I wanted that my portfolio be original, putting on stage in a relevant way my graphic design skills, and of course UI programming.
If you have a website to achieve; may you have something very specific in mind, or rather a white sheet with the desire to offer something original, feel free to contact me! This is the hotkey Touche P du clavier of your keyboard, afterwards the left panel ;)

Logo Richwood

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My main achievements are presented here. This part is still under construction; other projects will be added soon!


MakerTour explores, documents and share the world labs diversity. they launch world expeditions towards the initiatives and actors diversity and share all the content produced on this very website. The plateform is based on Wordpress for its ease of management. The main direction, for the development of the theme, was in the way of this simplicity, creating tailored boxes in back-office to guide and keep the organisation that MakerTour team had set.

Techno and languages used: Clever Cloud, Wordpress, PHP, Illustrator

Europe Tour of Makers

Page d'accueil du site MakerTour

The home page showed the progress of the KissKissBankBank campaign and a summary of their project and their approach.

In a glance

Page des ateliers explorés

The page "Labs explored" The page should display the first glance all the places visited. We opted for a mosaic layout, with a very small number of visible information; the mouseover reveals a short description of the lab, inviting to click to learn more.

A customed back-office

To best render their discoveries and explorations, the team held its documentation through criteria and categories. I set up personalized fields (Custom fields in the WordPress terminology) to make refunds of the simplest and fastest possible workshops.

interface administrateur avec Custom field

A set of functions in the theme's files - function.php in this case - can create dedicated fields in the administrator interface, and allows you to organize the information in the database. The theme's files lays out the datas.

This is the student association I co-founded in 2014, when I was a student of the program I•D•E•A•. It is an association between the EMLYON Business School and CENTRAL Lyon. It promotes entrepreneurship and innovation, through concrete actions and scale events : TEDx EMLYON (co-organized with the FORUM association), Startup Weekend and "apero-pitch". Its values ​​revolve around 3 axes:

Inspiring • Sharing • Action

An entrepreneurial association

Les différents supports réalisés pour SmartUP

Graphic universe


The graphism is based on the universe of superheroes, to invite the student to become the hero of his project. The logo covers the red of EMLYON, the dynamism and the super-heroism. The Design Notebook gives further explanation of the identity of the association.

Les différents supports réalisés pour SmartUP

Graphic charter

The Design Notebook is the document that records all the codes, values ​​and identity elements of SmartUP, that guides all the future graphic productions of the association

This document aims to permanently anchor the original identity for all future mandates.

Le document qui consigne toutes les règles graphiques de SmartUP : le Design Notebook

Design NoteBookPDF - 878 Ko


I started working on a comic book that tells the story of an entrepreneur in the fictional town of Neo-Confluence (Lyon in 2027) . This comic book showcases Arnaud, an entrepreneur, who will discover the entrepreneurial world over its discoveries. This first page is a pilot, which was intended to strengthen the identity and giving a staggered orientation for communication.

La première page du Comics sur Arnaud et Neo-Confluence - histoire d'une aventure entrepreneuriale

See the first pageJPG - 600Ko

Communication medium

Located on the campus of two prestigious schools, this young association has the means to talk about her. In addition to the important events from the first term, the communication media were brought to the height of that will, with a very strong graphic universe.

I illustrated all events by computer graphics and drawings. The design of newsletters, posters and reports has been designed in line with this universe.

Quelques exemples de visuels réalisés pour SmartUP : compte-rendu d'événements, mailing, etc.


For Association Day, I realized a promotional video, with the symbol of an energy drink can. The exterior side of the can displays the values of the association, both in humor and the provocation assumed. We decided to parody the narrative style of Apple, giving a completely parodic twist to precisely focus the discourse on our concrete actions realized during our first term of existence.

L'emblème de notre association : la canette SmartUP


Official website of the association

Inevitable, the website is the showcase of this fledgling association. It uses the strength of the visual elements of the superhero universe to present the events, the team and the SmartUP mission. Sketches and bubbles therefore are naturally present on the web page.

page web du site

SmartUP website 2014External Link

TEDxEMLYON website

Co-organized with the FORUM association, EMLYON Business School hosted a TEDx, on the theme of "Confluence". Roman Chaffal and Lucile Vidaud handled all the graphics (including all processing codes!); I joined the animations and the charter in a website dedicated to this event.

Page d'accueil du site TEDx2014, réalisé en processing

TEDxEMLYON 2014External Link

MONMENTOR is a matchmaking platform between students and high school students on one side and senior workers in another, to help young people in their orientation and the construciton of their professional project.

I realized the web platform - a marketplace - with authentication, search filters, booking interviews with a mentor, secure payment etc.
I also co-worked on the graphic design, designing the mockups pages and the architecture of the site. Logo, pictograms and layout tools were designed in parallel by other designers.

Techno et languages: Ruby on Rails, JS, Git, Heroku, Illustrator

Graphic universe

Mon Mentor connects very scattered audiences, and so it was important to offer an attractive and dynamic universe. The dominance of the green comes from the corrector green pen - and by extension education - and for the calm it exudes. The graphics has remained close to the universe of superheroes (text and pictograms evoke sometimes), and pushes the student to take its destiny in hand and fully embrace his career, both professionally and personally.

An external designer was commissioned to design the final logo, which symbolizes the mentor who comes with the student and leads towards its direction.

A strong plateform

The site is coded in Ruby ; its framework - Ruby on Rails - is proven and reliable . It offers flexibility of development, fast iterations, and good reliability. Stripe was chosen for payment: Stripe is perfectly intèrgre to Ruby on Rails and is very secure. Moreover, Stripe Connect permits to charge students and automatically repay the burden mentors (by deducting a commission).

Sécurity of the transactions

The platform requires a high level of security - including bank transactions. Indeed, the passwords are encrypted, and sensitive communications (with Stripe Payment Service ) are also encrypted, coupled with an SSL certificate certificat SSL


CAPSA Container is an industrial company specialized in the transformation of maritime containers, mainly in the industrial and event sectors.

An entreprenerial internship closes the program I•D•E•A•; the goal is to implement an innovation approach, to deliver an innovative product or service. My term of seven months in CAPSA Container consisted to design an ephemeral accommodation container.
As part of the master, I wrote a dissertation on the impact of innovation on the identity and values ​​of the company within P.ME. industry that relies heavily on my experience at CAPSA

Catalogs layouts

CAPSA Container is positioned on several sectors and each of them have their own values, interlocutors and multiple providers. This plurality must be felt in differentiated offerings, and also in the presentation of these offers. In this perspective, I realized two catalogs of CAPSA products, with different approaches: a catalog of products of Events and a catalog of achievements in Industry.

catalogues CAPSA : catalogues industriel et événementiel

Catalog Event 2015PDF - 2.8Mo

Visuals in 3D

To accompany some quotation or tender, I realized modeling projects. This was mainly scenographies of several containers, and sometimes interior design - and sometimes both.

Scénographie de container pour la marque Acreos

Scénographie de container pour la marque Forankra

Mise en scène d'un container pour le navigateur J.P. Dick

Modeling of a student hosting

The primary purpose of my mission at CAPSA : design and prototype a temporary accommodation for students in container. The major constraint was the unusal size and shape imposed by the container: a cube of 6.06m x 2.43m on 2.53m in height (to which must be removed thermal insulation); a clever system has been found for the bathroom , where the open doors define a new space thus doubling the size of this room (compare when the doors are closed). The furnishings were invented to solve the same contrainte.
There was a long labor on the standards dedicated to public buildings (including DAP, fire stability, thermal and sound insulation, low voltage nromes etc.). Rendering a set of 3D modeling and technical recommendations on materials and standards to be applied.

Link to SketchFabExternal Link

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